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Mondo Pietra, meaning World Stone, has been in business since 1983, owned and operated in the town of Stouffville by Domenic Matera. Domenic is skilled in the design and creation of concrete counter tops and designs. Mondo Pietra uses ecofriendly and environmentally friendly products when creating their custom concrete counter tops and design.

When choosing to create custom countertop, by choosing a concrete counter top or design, you will be choosing a product that gives you the flexibility and ability to incorporate other features into your design. Whether you choose a concrete counter top, tub/shower, floor or wall, your concrete counter top or design can be either pre-cast in our shop or built on site all being dependant on your particular needs.

Generally, concrete counter tops or designs are made of cement, and our case the cement is mixed to cut down on the cement used in order to be more eco friendly, lightweight aggregates, and a combination of additives, which when possible are eco friendly or of recycled material. For the finishing step to your custom counter top or designs the cement is ground, polished and sealed to perfection in order to achieve the finished result durability and beauty you can count on seeing for years to come in your custom coutertop or design.

  • concrete counter tops
  • concrete console tables
  • concrete coffee tables
  • concrete fireplace mantles
  • concrete tiles
  • concrete strips
  • 1/4“ thin concrete overlay and design
  • precast concrete
  • repair and restoration
  • plaster crown mouldings
  • old texture plaster
  • venetian plaster (stucco)
  • marmorino
  • scagliola
  • decorative plaster

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